WATCH: Trump Fans Chase Elizabeth Warren Through Airport Screaming ‘Pocahontas’ Slur

Supporters of President Donald Trump chased Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren through an airport screaming Trump’s “Pocahontas” slur and demanding she “stop impeachment!”

When Warren arrived at the Reno-Tahoe Airport Wednesday afternoon, she was greeted by a gang of Trump supporters holding “Trump-Pence” signs. They surrounded the senator and shouted demands for her to “STOP IMPEACHMENT!”

Although Warren was an early proponent of impeachment among Democratic candidates, she is a member of the Senate and has no vote in whether or not Trump is impeached. The Senate holds a trial only after the House of Representatives impeaches.

Warren handled the barrage with a smile, at one point telling the mob “It’s nice to see you!”

As she exited the airport, the group began shouting the “Pocahontas” slur that has been a favorite of Trump’s.

When the controversy over Warren’s claim of Native American heritage first erupted during her Senate run in 2012, conservatives deployed a number of offensive puns to attack her, and Trump adopted the “Pocahontas” slur in 2014.

He has since used the slur 94 times, according to Factbase, which tracks all of Trump’s public statements. According to the same database, Trump has only publicly uttered the word “Tiffany” — the name of his daughter — on 90 occasions. And some of those were references to the jewelry store.

The Nevada GOP was proud enough of these protesters to post the video on social media.

Earlier on Wednesday, Warren was asked if Trump — who has slurred Warren and Native Americans dozens of times on Twitter — laughed off Senator Kamala Harris‘ suggestion that Trump be banned from Twitter for violating the site’s terms of service.

Watch the clip above, via Nevada GOP.

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