2010: Four Minutes of the Year that Was (VIDEO)

You may choose to be depressed with a year-in-review video that leads with Justin Bieber, Jersey Shore, Lady Gaga and Glee. Don’t worry, WatchMojo‘s 2010: Year In Review video also has Obama, health care, Haiti, Pakistan Chilean Miners, Palin, Oprah, Lost, Team Coco, Facebook, BP’s sticky legacy of oil and, of course, Julian Assange. Also, Canada! Also, Kathryn Bigelow (holla)! Year-end review videos are always a fun look-back, even as they make you cringe a little at how long ago X or Y was and what have you really accomplished since then? And why aren’t YOU on this list? YOU’RE A FAILURE. Just kidding. This is a fun video, if a little flip-seeming at times with the chipper voiceover. Some pretty bad stuff did happen in 2010, and a lot of what you’ll see in this video distracted us from doing a whole lot about it. Then again, Miley Cyrus is growing up so fast – we don’t want to miss a thing! Watch and enjoy below, courtesy of WatchMojo and the person who emailed it to me earlier.

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