‘A Bad Person Can Hide Behind a Good Religion’: Outnumbered Talks Reporting Suspicious Neighbors

imageedit_295_8313905593Today on Fox News Channel’s Outnumbered, the panelists debated the merits of setting up a system in which Americans are expected to turn in anyone suspicious in their communities in an effort to thwart terrorist plots. They were specifically talking about Muslims’ responsibility to point out anyone who may express an interest in ISIS.

Taya Kyle was quick to point out that she didn’t hate the idea of  community reporting, but she was not interested in something that would turn into a modern McCarthyism.

Judge Andrew Napolitano felt similarly, saying that in a system where people are encouraged to report others — and are threatened with punishment if they don’t — too many false reports will come in.

Kyle mentioned that Christians should be able to disavow the KKK and recognize that their religion has nothing to do with a group that commits bad acts in its name. Napolitano agreed, saying, “A bad person can hide behind a good religion.”

Meghan McCain questioned whether anyone pledging allegiance to ISIS is really doing it for religion at all and Harris Faulkner said that on the surface, religion is how the terrorist organization recruits, whether its intentions are truly religious or not.

President-elect Donald Trump has spoken on the responsibility of Muslims to report suspicious activity in the past. Followers of Islam responded by facetiously trending #MuslimsReportStuff on Twitter.

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