Harvard Students Claim Donald Trump Is More Threatening Than ISIS

It’s no secret that Harvard is pretty left-leaning, and recently students launched an anti-President Donald Trump “resistance school.” The school will be a four-week course in “progressive activism,” according to a report from CBS. Campus Reform, a blog that according to its website aims to expose “bias and abuse on the nation’s college campuses,” decided to go up to the school and check it out.

They say that students at Harvard “consistently cite the ‘danger’ posed by President Trump, and claim to feel ‘threatened’ by his policies.” Campus Reform decided to find out just how threatening they think he is by asking a bunch of students who they think is more dangerous: Donald Trump or ISIS?

Overwhelmingly, the students selected for the video picked Trump. One student said he doesn’t feel terrorism is “that big of a deal.” Others said that Trump’s policies will affect their lives more than ISIS will.

Watch the video above, via Campus Reform.

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