A Woman Was Turned Away From a Poll Precinct for Wearing ‘Wine Party’ Shirt Because it’s Somehow Partisan


We all lost a lot this election season- sleep, probably our minds. It also appears we lost our sense of humor completely. Yesterday, Joanna Chelsey, a woman in Georgia woke up, got dressed, and headed out to vote at 7:30am. This is what she wore:

To most of us, this looks like an attempt at bringing some levity to what was obviously an extremely stressful day. Everyone can get behind wine. A volunteer at the polling precinct, however, told her that her shirt was in violation of a Georgia law that says you can’t wear clothing in support of a party or candidate within 150 feet of a polling station. Chelsey was told that she either had to turn her shirt inside out or not vote. She told the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “I can’t believe I go to cast my vote for presidency of this country and my First Amendment rights are violated at the polls… I thought she was joking. I wasn’t promoting any party.”

She continued, “This election has everyone on edge and my shirt was only meant to make people laugh and relax. And for many it did.”

A volunteer told the AJC “If the context has anything to do with any slogans, they’re asked to turn their shirt inside out… But that shouldn’t have happened.”

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