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Abrams Media Network Ends October Near The Top 200 Web Properties In America

It’s hard for me to believe but once again all four of our wholly-owned sites—Mediaite, Geekosystem, Styleite and Sportsgrid—hit all time traffic highs. Each time we celebrate new records, I keep fearing the best may be behind us, but alas, the teams outdo themselves again.

According to web traffic assessment site the Abrams Media Network is ranked at number 204, right behind long time stalwarts like The Wall Street Journal’s (200) and just ahead of (215) and (216). I am so proud of all the teams that have made this happen.

It is hard to believe that after just a year and a half Mediaite, including our syndicated content, broke a whopping 5 million unique visitors this month. Our smart and insightful editors, writers and video editor have really tapped into the fact that what is happening in media is often leading the political discussions of the day. As a result, the Mediaite team is now often helping to lead that discussion.

Over at Geekosystem, a full time staff of just two writers/editors and one intern have somehow managed to deliver numbers that would make most fully-staffed sites envious. While it just launched in late January, Geekosystem’s coverage of the fascinating, sometimes weird, and often just geeky stories has delivered just shy of 1.2 million unique visitors.

At our other leanly-staffed sites, Styleite’s record month included over 600 thousand unique visitors and the highest number of page views per visitor of any of our sites. Sportsgrid, at just five months old came into its own this month breaking 500k unique visitors on Google Analytics for the month. Sister site continues to break stories and thrive in that competitive arena averaging one million unique visitors per month.

Congrats to everyone who made this happen and thanks to all of you who have been checking in on our sites and making them what they are today.

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