Alan Dershowitz Hits Giuliani, Concedes ‘This Was a Very Bad Week for the Trump Team’


It seems, at times, as if there hasn’t more a prominent, fervent, unaffiliated advocate for President Donald Trump than famed legal scholar Alan Dershowitz. But even he could not escape the reality of the past seven days — and their implication on the president’s defense in Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe

“I think this was a very bad week for the Trump team,” Dershowitz said.

Dershowitz’s reasoning for his conclusion stemmed from the admissions made by Rudy Giuliani during his stunning interview with Sean Hannity — specifically Guiliani’s statement that the president reimbursed his lawyer, Michael Cohen, for the $130,000 hush money payout to Stormy Daniels.

“I think they’re admitting to enough that warrants scrutiny,” Dershowitz said. He added, “It seems to me that the approach last week of the Trump team plays into the hands of Mueller’s tactic to try at any cost to try to find technical violations against lower ranking people so that they can be squeezed.”

Dershowitz criticized Giuliani for what he viewed as a misstep.

“This is the way prosecutors operate,” Dershowitz said. “Giuliani knows it, too. He shouldn’t be playing into their hands.”

The Harvard professor emeritus did also argue that it was a bad week for the Mueller team as well, because of the harshly worded ruling in the Paul Manafort trial — in which a Federal Judge called out the prosecutor for looking to “get Trump.”

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