Alec Baldwin Visits Occupy Wall Street, Does Not Appreciate You Bringing Up His Brother

Alec Baldwin Visits OWS, Does Not Appreciate You Bringing Up His Brother

Alec Baldwin, famous fake Republican on TV and famous Not Republican in real life, recently made a trip down to lower Manhattan to participate in the ongoing Occupy Wall Street Protests. “We Are Change” managed to grab the actor’s attention for a moment (after convincing him that they’re not, technically, “The Media”). There had been speculation that Baldwin would be pursuing a mayoral run, so it’s not terribly surprising that he’d be asked about his opinions regarding politics and the economy.

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We Are Change asked Baldwin his thoughts on ending the Federal Reserve System, and the actor replied, quite honestly, by admitting he didn’t now enough about the Fed to be able to assess what negative or positives would come of dismantling it, and what impact it would have on capital markets. He had a stronger opinion regarding the SEC, though: Basically, “they don’t do anything.”

Later, another person at the protest attempted to explain how the Fed works. Baldwin responded that he’s “aware of what the Fed is.” He seemed to grow increasingly agitated with another person in the crowd after he’d brought up comments made by one of Baldwin’s brothers (Possibly Harpo):

Do me a favor? You’ve made a lot of comments (“Too much. I know.”) and I’m not really getting the content of what it is you’re trying to communicate to me.

Have a listen for yourselves, courtesy of We Are Change:

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