Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich: ‘Deep State’ Pedophiles Are Drugging and Blackmailing People


What happens when you get two men together who both pushed the infamous Pizzagate pedophile ring conspiracy theory and have spent much of their energy raging against the so-called Deep State? You get an off-the-rails discussion centered on government-embedded pedophiles dropping roofies in drinks so they can photograph people in compromising situations to use as blackmail, that’s what.

During an InfoWars segment recently, Danger and Play’s Mike Cernovich claimed that the reason why President Donald Trump can’t get anyone hired in his administration is due to the the proloferation of pedophiles in the “Deep State.”

“They only want pedophiles in the Deep State because they’re compromised and they can be blackmailed,” Cernovich declared. He then added that they went after him and host Alex Jones, further noting that his WiFi wasn’t working as potential proof of the nefarious actions being done by the government.

Referencing sources of his, Cernovich then went on to describe how this was the way the “Deep State had sabotaged Trump,” explaining that he was told that they target those involved in “wife-swapping” and then drug them and bring in children to photograph with their marks.

Jones responded that his sources were telling him the same thing, leading to Cernovich claiming that he’s now been told that Pizzagate was a distraction before reiterating that the Deep state does “roofie” people. And then Jones relayed a story where he thinks he might have been drugged by agents three years ago and he’s now positive it was an “intelligence setup.”

OK then…

Watch the clip above, via Vic Berger’s Twitter account.

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