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Matt Gaetz Says He Regrets Talking to Alex Jones: The Things He’s ‘Said and Done Are So Hurtful’

Twitter Mocks Alex Jones With Some #SecondCivilWarLetters: ‘Please Forgive My Extended Absence…’

Alex Jones Condemns Old Friend Joe Rogan For Allying With ‘Globalists’: ‘I’m Coming For You’

Bernie Sanders Aide Has Best Reaction When Alex Jones Ambushes Senator at Airport: ‘Dude, No’

Maher Declares GOP the ‘Alex Jones Party’: Republicans Discovered They ‘Can Just Make Sh*t Up’

Six Sandy Hook Families, FBI Agent File Defamation Lawsuit Against Alex Jones

Watch Alex Jones Rant About ’10 Guys Running The Train’ On His Wife, ‘Hypothetically…’

Alex Jones Declares Trump Is Fighting a Rogue ‘A.I. System’ That Wants to Wipe Out Humans

Megyn Kelly on Newtown Family Lawsuit Against Alex Jones: ‘It’s About Time’ He Was Held Accountable

Alex Jones is Being Sued For Defamation By Sandy Hook Parents, Could Pay Over $1M In Damages

Alex Jones Weeps Over Syria Strike in Live Meltdown: Trump is ‘Compromised’

Alex Jones: Hot Women Tried to Date Me When I Was 13 to Try to Convert Me to Satanism

Ted Nugent Compares Democrats to ‘Rabid Coyotes’: ‘Every Time You See One, You Shoot One’

CNN Panel Stunned By Trump’s Claims About Rape in Mexico: ‘Maybe He’s Watching Alex Jones’

Man Sues InfoWars For Defamation Over Site Falsely Accusing Him Of Being Parkland Shooter

What?! Alex Jones Dubs Hitler Speech Over Footage of David Hogg at March For Our Lives

Charlottesville Counterprotester Sues InfoWars And Other Far-Right Media Figures For Defamation

Pepe the Frog’s Creator Sues Alex Jones’ InfoWars After Site Sells Poster For $30

Advertisers Bolt From InfoWars YouTube Channel, Say They Had No Idea Ads Were Running There

Alex Jones Claims He Can’t Be Anti-Semitic By Citing Size of His Non-Jewish Wife’s Nose

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