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Sandy Hook Families Accuse Alex Jones of Destroying Evidence in Defamation Case

Bill Maher Defends Alex Jones: ‘If You’re a Liberal, You’re Supposed To Be For Free Speech’

Morning Joe Ridicules Twitter CEO Interview: ‘Jack Dorsey Call Your Media Trainer’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Tells NBC News Alex Jones Ban is a ‘Timeout’ to ‘Alter His Behavior’

Twitter Temporarily Suspends Alex Jones After Tweet Calling For Violence Against Media

Twitter Now Admits Infowars Did Violate Company Rules

CNN Reports on Alex Jones Tweets That Violate Twitter Policy, Posts Quickly Deleted

Scarborough Rips Twitter For Not Pulling Infowars: They Profit ‘From Spreading Slander’

Colbert Absolutely Goes In On ‘Bath Salts Spokesmodel’ Alex Jones: His Site ‘Just Lost Their War on Info’

Twitter Users Criticize Jack Dorsey for Statement About Not Suspending Alex Jones

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Defends Giving Alex Jones a Platform: ‘He Hasn’t Violated Our Rules’

Infowars’ Own Website Admits ‘It Is Not Censorship If You Violate the Rules and Your Post is Deleted’

Alex Jones Has Been Banned For Violating Social Media Guidelines… Why Not Louis Farrakhan?

Morning Joe Blasts Ted Cruz’s Defense of Alex Jones: ‘He Takes Pandering to New Lows’

Sen. Chris Murphy Criticized For Demanding Tech Companies To Ban Other Sites Besides InfoWars

‘We’re All Alex Jones’: Infowars Founder Gets Flogging For Tweet Trying to Rally Support Amid Social Media Crackdown

Alex Jones Goes Live to Respond to Social Media Crackdown, Invokes The Alamo: ‘Remember InfoWars’

WikiLeaks Defends Alex Jones, InfoWars Despite Acknowledging Their ‘Frequent Nonsense’

YouTube Appears to Have Taken Down Alex Jones’ Channel

Facebook, Apple, Spotify Crack Down on Alex Jones and Infowars

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