Pro-Trump Snowflake Triggered By Tweet Sues Fusion Writer For Saying She Made ‘White Power’ Gesture


Cassandra Fairbanks, a pro-Trump activist and social media personality, filed a lawsuit in federal court today accusing Fusion writer Emma Roller of defamation for a tweet Roller posted in which she described Fairbanks and Mike Cernovich as using a “white power hand gesture in the White House.”

Roller’s tweet–since deleted–was posted on April 28. The next day, Fairbanks posted a response on Twitter, hinting at the now-ongoing legal action:

In the lawsuit, Fairbanks alleges that Roller committed defamation via libel, invasion of privacy and that the Fusion writer’s actions caused the pro-Trump journalist to experience emotional distress and harm. She’s seeking a retraction, an apology and at least $100,000 in damages.

As to whether the hand gesture in question is actually a symbol of the white power movement, Buzzfeed notes:

“[I]t’s long been a stated goal of online communities such as 4chan’s /pol/ board to fool the mainstream press into reporting that anodyne gestures and images are the new swastikas.”

And, in this particular instance, that seems to be exactly what happened. Thus, the crucial element for a defamation case, “actual malice” (here, the idea that Roller was deliberately lying about Fairbanks), would be nearly impossible to prove. Of course, that’s assuming Fairbanks is actually confident in–or really trying to win–her lawsuit in the first place.

Many of Fairbanks’ critics wasted no time before lambasting the recently-converted online star and pegging her as something of a hypocrite. After all, Internet Pepes, droll anime Nazis and the assorted white nationalists who tend to make up the Pro-Trump alt-right are famous for misunderstanding the concept of free speech and waving their apparent allegiance to it as some sort of a banner.

In turn, they frequently rail against political correctness, the liberal media, and other denizens of intellectual spaces full of easily triggered snowflakes. So here comes Fairbanks, upset by a tweet to the point that she’s going after a journalist’s livelihood.

Well, thing is, Fairbanks doesn’t seem to care about this principle–or even Roller’s tweet–at all. This one feels like it’s simply for the clicks.

For more, see the Buzzfeed News story here.

Editor’s note: Fairbanks has previously stated that she is not alt-right, just a Trump supporter. We’ve updated this post accordingly.

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