Amazing Video Shows National Guard Trucks Attempting To Drive Through Huge Floods In New Jersey

One of the areas hit hardest by Irene this weekend was Manville, New Jersey, which faced horrible flooding from the nearby Raritan River. The National Guard was on hand bravely attempting to save stranded citizens and, a video that seems like something out of a Roger Moore-era James Bond only less flashy and much more frightening, we can see a couple of their trucks try to make it down a completely flooded road.

The water can be seen licking the bottoms of traffic lights and nearly reaching the very top of the truck’s cabs as they travel down the road. Unfortunately, they eventually get two deep, the cabs becoming fully submerged, and the rescuers are forced to radio in for help themselves. It’s a clear sign that, while some are viewing Irene as an overhyped disappointment, others have had their lives completely upended by the storm.

Watch the video below. We’ve muted the audio from the original YouTube video as we really didn’t feel like listening to some dudes yell about how “stupid” the National Guard soldiers were for three minutes.

(h/t Gawker)

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