Anderson Cooper Doesn’t Let the Florida AG Get Away With Calling His Interviews Edited


By now, you know that on Sunday, a gunman shot up a gay nightclub in Florida. There is no way you don’t know that, but you might not have been keeping up with the back-and-forth beef between CNN’s Anderson Cooper and the state’s attorney general, Pam Bondi. Okay, okay; the beef falls more heavily on one side than the other.

You see, Cooper has been covering the event all week. He got emotional in one of his segments, too, so it’s clear this is one assignment that the man is taking very, very seriously. (And he’s usually very serious!)

In another segment, he challenged Bondi, who has long had a record of being pretty anti-LGBT in her policy and beliefs. Plenty of people didn’t like that, and Bondi was chief among those who expressed annoyance at his line of questioning. She claimed that Cooper didn’t stick to the predetermined script.

Remember what I said about the beef being heavier on one side? Well, Cooper never gets into feuds, by his own account, but he was so offended by Bondi claiming that he acted beyond the scope of journalistic integrity that he made a response.

“In this broadcast and especially in this awful tragedy, we try to keep the focus on where it should be: on he victims and the survivors and the loved ones they left behind,” he said. He called her statements “factually incorrect,” saying “she’s either mistaken or she’s not telling the truth.”

Then, he played her comments about his supposed refusal to discuss what she thought she was on air to discuss and corrected them by showing the pre-interview notes compiled by her office and his producers. Next up, he played another clip of her claiming he left out portions of the interview. To hit back at that, he just reminded everyone that her interview aired live.

Watch above to see Cooper absolutely not having it.

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