Ann Coulter Mocks the Media Who Exaggerates Her Criticisms of Trump: ‘He’s My Guy’

Screen-Shot-2016-08-25-at-10.46.36-PM-650x368As Mark Twain once famously opined, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Ann Coulter might take a page out of Samuel Clemens‘ book as well, noting that the much-hyped reported criticisms as of late concerning her candidate of choice — Donald Trump — have been greatly exaggerated.

The conservative author of the new book In Trump We Trust sat with Sean Hannity Thursday night, calling out the media who have blown her recent commentary out of proportion. “The mainstream media– I’ve criticized Trump before — I’m not some Clinton cultist or some Cruz cultist,” she told Hannity.

“He’s my guy, but I give him constructive criticism.”

Coulter then spoke directly to the media, who largely this week saw perceptible cracks in Coulter’s love of all things Trump. The GOP candidate has appeared to significantly back down off of his once-strong approach to fighting illegal immigration, with many calling his evolution a “softening” of policy. “Every time I do this, the media makes this huge big deal, over, you know, ‘Coulter tiring of Donald Trump’.”

She continued, “It was a joke when I said this was going to be the shortest book tour ever. It’s called a joke.” Though she appeared to quash rumors of any substantive issue she has with the candidate, she did remark that he, “said some very dumb things” during his sit down with Hannity this week.

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