Another Flight Diverted in the Great Airplane Seat Reclining War of 2014

We all know the lack of legroom on airplanes is annoying, made no better by the person in front of you reclining. But somehow this turned into a big national debate this week with one plane diverting after two passengers fought over legroom.

And guess what? It happened again. That’s right, in the span of a week, two separate flights had to be diverted because of fights over legroom.

This time, the flight was going from Miami to Paris. A man on the flight grew very cross with the woman reclining in front of her, and reportedly blew a gasket over it. He got so angry that when a crew member tried to calm him down, he followed him and grabbed his arm.

Two air marshals ended up handcuffing the rowdy man and the flight diverted to Boston. State police arrested him, and he was brought to the hospital immediately for a health evaluation.

(Thankfully, the Knee Defender was not involved this time.)

[h/t The Hill]
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