Airplane! Director’s Attempt to Satirize Iran Deal Is Laughably Bad

Filmmaker David Zucker, whose illustrious comedy career includes such greats as Airplane! and The Naked Gun franchise, recently released a short parody video panning the Iran Deal. Titled “Side Effects,” Zucker’s latest contribution to the world is, like his 2008 film An American Carol, a steaming pile of poo.

For starters, the production evidently didn’t even try to find actors who actually look like President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to play them:

side effects not obama

Granted, the actress playing Hillary Clinton slightly resembles the 2016 presidential candidate, but the character’s presence in Zucker’s video begs the question — why the hell is she even there? Sure, Clinton supports the Iran Deal, but she had no part in its creation.

Let’s not forget the “Iranians” of “Side Effects,” who are all backed by the heavily cliched image of masked men brandishing assault rifles. Yes, that’s exactly what a diplomatic discourse with Iran looks like:

side effects iranians 1

This is what all of Iran looks like, too:

side effects iranians 2

Since this is a comedy piece that inexplicably includes Clinton, Zucker went ahead and decided to use her as a centerpiece. More pants suits? More pants suits:

side effects pants suits

Let’s not forget the requisite gay joke in regards to the Obama Administration’s relations with Iran throughout this process:

side effects gay

These are all just jokey, gaudy visuals, of course. What matters is the meat of the issue, which Zucker weaves through the video via a constantly updated yellow scroll along the bottom. Aside from occasional bits of information condensed for the sake of the video, this scroll also delivers the parody’s official website,

According to the official press release, Zucker says that “it’s time to focus on the side effects we’ll experience” as a result of the Iran Deal.

“There’s no shortage of serious ads explaining how horrible the deal is,” the director continues. “So maybe injecting some satire will engage a broader audience and ensure the leadership allowing this deal to happen is held responsible for the inevitable dangerous side effects.”

On the one hand, the video does commit satire by using the structure laid out by countless prescription drug ads seen on late night television. Hell, there’s even a parting shot of the setting sun. Even so, it’s a major disappointment, especially since it was made by the same man who wrote and directed Airplane!

Then again, he also directed Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4.

Check out the clip below:

[Image via screengrab]

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