AP Fact Checks Barack Obama’s Libya Speech

The Associated Press took a look at statements made by President Barack Obama in his speech last night, tackling, among other issues, the reasons why the U.S. is using military action in Libya and how we have gone about doing so.

While the AP did not see any of the President’s statements as being flat out incorrect, it did determine that they didn’t quite present a full, fleshed-out picture of the various factors at play in our country’s decision to enter the scuffle in Libya.

For one: The U.S. is taking on a more dominant role in the conflict than the President’s speech would have listeners believe. The U.S. supplies 22 percent of NATO’s budget in addition to various military aircraft and vehicles suitable for battle in Libya.

Additionally, while Obama emphasized that the U.S. is “narrowly focused on saving lives,” but our airstrikes on Gaddafi’s forces have also been instrumental in helping Libyan rebel advance.

The AP’s findings also take on the President’s decision not to go through Congress before allowing military involvement in Libya – despite his comments, years ago, that the Commander in Chief should seek congressional approval before involving the U.S. in war. Watch the AP’s video highlighting their various “fact checks:”

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