‘As a Woman, I Am Offended’: CNN’s Amanpour Says Clinton Has Been Subjected to ‘Double Standards’


At a forum in New York earlier this month, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour asked Hillary Clinton if she believed misogyny played a role in the 2016 campaign.

“Yes,” Clinton said. “I do think it played a role.”

So, it turns out, does Amanpour.

As part of a lengthy profile of Clinton published Friday by New York magazine, Amanpour discussed another topic broached at the forum: Clinton blaming, in part, former FBI Director James Comey for her election loss.

Clinton was widely criticized for her comments on Comey. But Amanpour believes that gender played a role in the backlash against the democratic nominee.

The idea that she shouldn’t mention the Comey letter when the entire nation and the most respected statisticians are considering its impact is so strange. If she were a man, would she be allowed to mention it? As a woman, I am offended by the double standards applied here.

Amanpour said the perception that Clinton was a flawed candidate was unfair, given that Donald Trump was her opponent.

“Everyone shrieks that Hillary was a bad candidate,” Amanpour said. “But was Trump a good candidate?

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