Ben Carson Roasted for Colossal Gaffe: Can’t Expect Sec. of Housing to ‘Know Anything About Housing’

Ben Carson Gets Mocked for Confusing REOs for an OREO: 'Wow...Just Wow'

Political observers are not impressed that Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson needed a tutorial on Tuesday to learn the difference between an Oreo and REO.

Appearing before Congress for an oversight hearing, Congresswoman Katie Porter (D-CA) asked Carson about disparities in REOs — a term which stands for Real-Estate Owned. As Porter explained, REO refers to properties that have been foreclosed by banks or other lenders if owners can’t pay their mortgages.

Carson, however, was unfamiliar with this basic industry term. (“An Oreo?” He asked.) Porter had to define the term for the HUD secretary. The congresswoman tweeted a video of the stunning moment, expressing her wonderment that she had to explain the difference between a real-estate term and a sugary snack.

As for the rest of the Twitterverse, most reactors were similarly shocked that Carson had to be taught the definition of an REO  or else, and they unleashed the mockery:

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