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Ben Stiller Explains Twitter To Mickey Rooney

ben stiller mickey rooneyThis is why the Internet was created: For hyper-meta viral videos bridging generational gaps between comedians, one of whom is Mickey Rooney. Full stop.

Mickey Rooney! Still going strong at 89 — check out his ridiculous IMDb page, it’s really unbelievable. Ben Stiller and he worked together on Night At The Museum, ergo fun video playtime.

Rooney says of Twitter: “I don’t find that entertaining.” The video is below — perhaps you will. A note: It’s part of Ben Stiller’s fledgling library of online content on behalf of his Red Hour Films production company (he also joined Twitter earlier this month). So far there are two videos on its YouTube channel, this and a deadpan video of Stiller introducing himself to his new Internet audience and making jokes about status updates (he’ll get there). There’s also a clip from Zoolander, which is jarring when compared to the still of Stiller now. Time marches on; Mickey Rooney was once this guy singing with Judy Garland. Not to mention Mr. Yunioshi.

Anyhow: Mickey Rooney. Funfact: Same birthday as Bruce Springsteen. I’d follow The Boss on Twitter for sure.

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