comScore Benghazi Widow Criticizes Family of ‘Major Khan’ for Using ‘Gold Star Status as a Shield’

Benghazi Widow Criticizes Family of ‘Major Khan’ for Using ‘Gold Star Status as a Shield’

The feud between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the family of the late Captain Humayun Khan has raged for almost a week now, and has reportedly helped to tip Trump’s campaign into crisis mode. Now, the back-and-forth between Trump and Capt. Khan’s parents Khizr Khan and Ghazala Khan, who appeared onstage at the Democratic National Convention to speak out against Trump’s anti-Muslim policies, has expanded to include the widow of the late Tyrone Woods, who was killed in the attacks on Benghazi.

In an interview on The Hugh Hewitt Show Thursday, Dorothy Navarez-Woods told Hewitt that while she wouldn’t “wish Gold Star status” on anyone, “it should never be used as an excuse or a shield” when “we hear something we don’t like.”

Woods went on to say that “Major Khan” is only being publicized because he is Muslim:

The way I see it is no one ever questioned Major Khan’s sacrifice or his service or his death. He was rightfully given full military honors, you know, like my family, his family, have lived under the benefit of American citizenship. And the second generation, Major Khan and myself, we’ve chosen to give back. I believe that Major Khan was an American first that day, and that’s very important. So my issue is that I believe the Khan’s are only public because they are Muslim. And to me, that sends the wrong message, that they are more important than the rest of us.

The Khans’ speech was given about the same media coverage that the Benghazi families’ RNC speeches were given, but Mr. Trump’s subsequent reaction caused the family to gain much more attention.

Hewitt also asked Woods to weigh in on the controversy over Donald Trump’s comments upon receiving a Purple Heart medal as a gift, which were that he “always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.”

Woods defended Trump, comparing the gift to those left at her late husband’s grave:

Donald Trump was not killed while serving his country.

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