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Bob Beckel Trashes Fox News, The Five in Accidental Public Tweets

Bob Beckel, the former co-host on Fox News’ The Five, appeared to put his foot in his mouth last night by tweeting a few things that look like they weren’t supposed to be made public.

Based on his tweets, it seems Beckel was trying to send a direct message to the host of The McLaughlin Group, Tom Rogan. According to The Daily Beast, Rogan has contacted Beckel about whether he’d like to be a guest on the show sometime.

As it were, Beckel ended up publicly tweeting his response to Rogan, saying Fox would interfere if he made an appearance. He also took a swing at his old show by saying its “getting a bit tired” compared to McLaughlin.

Fox News fired Beckel last year for allegedly making an “insensitive remark” to an African-American employee.

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