‘Stop Doing That’: Bob Beckel Warns Fellow Democrats About Identity Politics


Fox News’s Bob Beckel believes that his fellow Democrats bear a great deal of responsibility for their recent losses because they focus too much on identity politics, instead of championing the working class.

“We continue to say we’re the party of labor, women, minorities — you know, LBGT (sic) — whatever it is,” Beckel said on The Five on Wednesday. “I gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention. I said, we’ve got to stop doing that and get back to where we were built — which is, helping people who are working people. And they don’t identify with that.”

The Five co-host led into those remarks by saying, “I’m going to anger my Democratic friends. They’re already mad at me about this.”

After giving his advice, he continued by lamenting that “the idea that Republicans would get anybody who’s a working person to vote for them is amazing to me. But the Democrats deserve a lot of the responsibility.”

Jesse Waters agreed.

Bill Maher‘s trying to tell them. He’s trying to give them a little wake-up call,” Watters said.

Greg Gutfeld noted how he used to spotlight identity politics horror stories on his former Red Eye program.

“You know how you know your religion — which is identity politics — is toxic?,” Gutfeld said. “It’s when you can’t tell the difference between the real story and the parody.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle, like Beckel, circled back to the economy.

“One of the reasons President Trump was able to prevail…is because people are actually tired of this saturation of identity politics the obsession on issues that actually shouldn’t matter. What about creating jobs? What about getting the economy going again?” She said.

You can watch the relevant portion of the segment above, via Fox News.

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