‘Oh, I Missed You a Lot’: Watch Bob Beckel Make His Return to The Five


It was reported earlier today that Bob Beckel, one of the original co-hosts of Fox News’s The Five who left the network in 2015, was returning and would be rejoining the program. It was also noted that he would return immediately and debut on today’s broadcast.

Beckel was introduced at the beginning of the show to the strains of The Bee Gees ‘Staying Alive’ and proceeded to hug his old colleagues. They also commented on how good he looked as it appeared he had lost a bit of weight since his departure. (Beckel commented that he lost 35 pounds.)

Eric Bolling gave Beckel a Donald Trump button to place on his purple suspenders and Beckel said that he was shocked to see Kimberly Guilfoyle there because he thought she’d have a job with the Trump Administration.

Beckel was asked if he missed them all, and he remarked that he did quite a bit.

“Oh, I missed you a lot,” he noted. “And I missed the audience too. Let me say one thing. I got thousands of letters and other things from people out there. I’ve got to thank you.”

After a bit more catching up on families and the playing of a clip of Beckel’s greatest hits from the past on The Five, they began some discussion of the most recent news stories.

Towards the end of the first segment, Greg Gutfeld asked Beckel about who had the better green room food — CNN or Fox News.

“You know I was told not to mention CNN,” Beckel responded. “Thanks, Greg, for putting me in a box like that.”

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