‘Can We Just Cut Through The Crap!’: Former Cruz Staffer Amanda Carpenter Blasts GOP Figures Who ‘Enabled’ Trump

“Can we just cut through the crap!?” said Amanda Carpenter, a former Ted Cruz staffer and vocal Donald Trump critic.

Carpenter was seated on an Anderson Cooper 360 panel with, among others, Trump-backers Kayleigh McEnany and Jack Kingston. And on a night when it was revealed that a special counsel has been appointed to investigate, among other things, a possible connection between Trump and Russia — Carpenter addressed McEnany and Kingston directly as she ranted about her fellow Republicans who, in her view, “enabled” Trump.

I want to know who’s going to hold the Republicans accountable who enabled this man to go this far. We knew from day one what kind of person Donald Trump was. We knew he had no respect for anyone, let alone the rule of law.

And so I want to know what’s going to happen to people like Reince Priebus who demanded everyone in the GOP pledge loyalty to this guy. And now all these Republicans are handcuffed to Donald Trump. Where has this gotten us? Where are the people, the surrogates, that barked and clapped like circus seals in praise of everything this man did that was bad, investigations as far as the eye can see.

Then, she asked McEnany and Kingston this about President Donald Trump:

“What has he done for you? He’s dragged you to a terrible place.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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