Cardi B Smacks Down Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren: ‘I Will Dog Walk You’


Rap superstar Cardi B spent part of her Sunday going oops upside Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren‘s head when Lahren tried to insult Cardi over her blistering criticism of Donald Trump and his shutdown.

The performer released a scorching Instagram video on Wednesday that torched Trump and his “fucking racist redneck” supporters over the Trump shutdown. Lahren decided to respond by sarcastically calling Cardi a “genius”:

In the ensuing several days, Ms. B apparently became aware of Lahren’s insult and, early Sunday morning, dismissed Lahren by promising “I will dog walk you”:

To “dog walk” someone is to demonstrate dominance, as all young people know without looking it up on Urban Dictionary.

Lahren oddly conceded the point, yet continued to insult Cardi as “moronic”:

Cardi then made good on her promise, calling Lahren out for being “blinded with racism”:

But Lahren was not finished yet. When Cardi responded to another Twitter user by noting how much money she contributes in taxes, Lahren tried to inject herself again:

Lahren herself is an admitted beneficiary of Obamacare, a system which Cardi B appears to prefer supporting over funding for a border wall. Cardi B has been an outspoken critic of Trump in the past, and likely will continue to dog-walk any of his supporters who troll her.

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