comScore ‘Childish and Obnoxious!’: Listen to the Wacky Leaked Phone Call With Trump’s Top Terrorism Aide

‘Childish and Obnoxious!’: Listen to the Wacky Leaked Phone Call With Trump’s Top Terrorism Aide

Sebastian Gorka is a name that Fox News viewers may find familiar; the Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States, Gorka is a military and intelligence advisor who is now on the receiving end of a leaked phone call he made to a critic threatening a lawsuit.

That critic — Michael S. Smith II, a noted terrorism expert — has used his own Twitter feed to repeatedly call into question Gorka’s credentials to serve in such a significant White House role with widespread implications. Smith has even taken to brand Gorka as the #FakeTerrorismExpert on his own social media feed.

Newsweek exclusively published 22-minutes of a 27 minute phone call between Gorka and Smith from earlier this week, in which the top Trump aide floated the possibility of a lawsuit against Smith in an at-times highly-contentious exchange. Smith recorded the call, including when Gorka at one point fired off, “Why is this vitriol popping out of you every day now? I look at your Twitter feed once or twice a day.”

Smith responded to Gorka, “Wow, are you defeating jihad by monitoring or trolling my twitter feed?” He continued shortly thereafter, “A majority of terrorism experts… would agree that you are not an expert of level sufficient to be working in the White House with the president.” Smith scolded Gorka further, saying in no uncertain terms, “You called me, an American citizen, whom you are working for, and approached me in a very confrontational manner.”

But the call — which Smith seemed to filibuster and belabor for the express purpose of recording the extended audio, perhaps with the knowing goal of leaking it to the media — reveals a level-headed Gorka offering a very cordial invitation to Smith to come to the White House to allow the terrorism expert to speak about his concerns in person. “Would be delighted to see you there,” he said simply of the “gentlemanly discussion inside the building.”

But when the niceties subsided, Smith was less than enthused. “You have approached this conversation in a most childish and obnoxious manner!” continuing, “I find it most curious that a person of your manner, of your demeanor, what you are exuding on this phone call is deemed stable enough to hold a a TSSC clearance and work in the White House.” Smith at one point called into question Gorka’s “mental stability.”

“Your Twitter feed is an incessant berating of my professional acumen!” Gorka angrily said at one point. “Put yourself in MY shoes, Mr. Smith!”

“I can tell that the epinephrine or testosterone is running high right now,” Smith continued.

After Newsweek‘s publishing of the call, Smith revealed that the highly-discussed White House invitation was promptly rescinded; Smith also published his digital response to Gorka.

J.D. Durkin (@jivedurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.

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