Chris Coons: ‘It’s Just Not True’ When Trump Claims No One Has Been Tougher on Russia Than Himself

Chris Coons (D-DE) is refuting the notion that Donald Trump is the toughest president America has ever had when it comes to dealing with Russia.

The senator spoke with CNN’s John Berman on Tuesday, who noted that the White House likes to say no one has been tougher than Trump whenever it comes to Vladimir Putin or the Russian government.

“It’s just not true,” Coons responded.

The two launched into a discussion about whether the Trump Administration has proved its toughness on Russia by implementing new sanctions and launching missile strikes against Putin’s allies in Syria.

Coons gave Trump credit for punishing Bashar al Assad over his human rights abuses, but in terms of sanctions, he argued that the administration “dragged its feet” on implementing new economic penalties despite the overwhelming support they received in the senate.

“If we want to deter this sort of aggressive action against our 2018 election that President Trump’s own director of national intelligence recently predicted, we should take up and pass the Bipartisan DETER Act that Senators [Marco] Rubio and [Chris] Van Hollen have put forward. I’m a co-sponsor. It would impose tougher sanctions on Russia if they continue to interfere in our November elections.”

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