CNN Commentator Angela Rye Just Laughs As White Trump Supporter Talks ‘Blacks for Trump’

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-3-56-21-pmDuring a Donald Trump rally yesterday, a white woman in the crowd was seen enthusiastically holding up a “Blacks for Trump” sign and Twitter observers went berserk. Trump supporter Betsy McCaughey –who has been part of some of this election season’s wildest cable moments — went on CNN today to explain all the reasons that might have happened.

First, McCaughey pivoted, saying she totally gets why black people would vote for Trump, but Brooke Baldwin reminded her that the topic at hand was the white woman holding the sign. McCaughey said that perhaps she had a black brother or husband, then said, “Why shouldn’t people have commonality despite having different races? That’s kind of silly!”

Meanwhile, Angela Rye was just laughing. Rye has been a vocal opponent of Trump’s tactics to win voters of color, so during her turn to speak, she suggested ways he could actually do outreach.

McCaughey said that Rye’s suggestions, which included a frank acknowledgement of the impact of gentrification, were “picking on little things,” then reiterated that Trump will be great for black people if elected.

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