CNN Guest Responds to Trump and Clinton: ‘Declaration of War’ Are ‘Nice Words’ on Campaign Trail

MuddA counterterrorism analyst said on CNN Thursday night that while both presidential candidates immediately announced their intention to wage war against ISIS, neither had provided the details of their plans.

In separate call-in interviews following the attack in Nice, France, Donald Trump said that he would ask Congress for a “declaration of war,” and Hillary clinton said that the U.S. was already at “war against radical jihadists who use islam to recruit and radicalize others in order to pursue their evil agenda.”

Phil Mudd, a former senior official at the CIA and FBI, said in response, “There’s a reality on the campaign trail, but there’s also a reality in Syria.”

“If you say declaration of war, I have to assume you mean going after the heart, the people, the organization that supports these attacks — that’s Syria. That’s also typically the use of American military force on the ground,” he continued.

He said that the geopolitics of the region left both candidates pursuing war with two bad options: either working with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad or trying to oust him and control the country.

“Nice words about ‘declaration of war,'” he concluded. “I don’t know how we put that into practice.”

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