CNN Guest Tears Apart ‘Hypocrisy’: ‘Can You Imagine’ If Clinton Won and Chelsea Went to Her Meetings?

imageedit_223_7487038925Today on CNN’s NewsroomBrianna Keilar led a discussion on what could be conflicts of interest for President-elect Donald Trump when it comes to his overseas business ventures. There have been a lot of concerns about this in the past few days, especially when the person who will supposedly be in charge of his businesses, daughter Ivanka Trump, was seen sitting in on some very high-profile meetings and the Trump Foundation just admitted to misusing its funds.

CNN political commentators Alice Stewart and Maria Cardona were brought in to represent the right and the left, respectively. Stewart pointed out that Trump has the rest of his transition to sort out his business dealings and claimed that much of the reporting on how he has been inappropriately using his new influence to affect his overseas properties has been inaccurate.

Cardona countered those arguments with this:

Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton had won and if Chelsea Clinton was with her at every single meeting that shewas having as they were putting the transition in place? Oh my god, there would be hearings! There would be Fox News specials! There would be an independent prosecutor! It’s ridiculous the kind of hypocrisy that is happening and the kind of blind eye that Republicans are now looking at this in terms of a massive conflict of interest!

Watch the whole thing above.

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