GOP Strategist Says Trump’s Co-Defendants ‘Would Throw Their Momma In a Whorehouse’ To Get Ahead Politically


Republican strategist Alice Stewart offered a colorful take on the ambitions of Donald Trump’s co-defendants in their criminal case in Fulton County, Georgia.

Trump and 18 others were indicted last month over their efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in the state, which the former president falsely claimed he won. Among the various tactics he tried, Trump phoned Georgia’s secretary of state to ask him to “find” him the number of votes he needed to win the state – even after two recounts confirmed his loss and the election had been certified by state officials.

The former president’s co-defendants include his last White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, as well as his former attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, who spearheaded the legal efforts to reverse the election via the courts.

Despite his indictment, Trump is the runaway frontrunner in the 2024 Republican presidential field.

“It’s a one-man race with a whole bunch of others trailing him,” Jake Tapper said on Tuesday’s installment of The Lead. “Is there any scenario you see in which Donald Trump does not just coast to the Republican nomination?”

Stewart said it depends on how the criminal case against Trump in Atlanta goes, as well as his three other criminal cases – two of which are in federal court.

“If something were to happen and this were to start before people start voting [in primaries] and these are televised, that will make a big difference,” she said. “We’re seeing reports are showing that some of these people are flipping. They’re going to turn on Donald Trump and present information.”

Stewart went on to say Trump’s co-defendants tried to ingratiate themselves with him at all costs, but are reevaluating now that they face criminal prosecution.

“I know a lot of these people in Fulton County that that are these co-conspirators or unnamed co-conspirators from Atlanta,” she added. “I know these people. They worked so hard and did so much to curry favor with Donald Trump and the Republican Party. These are the kind of people that would throw their momma in a whorehouse to get politically advance[d]. Now they’re looking at, this is real. They’re not going to the big house or the poor house for Donald Trump.”

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