CNN Legal Analyst Breaks Down Trump Org CFO’s Immunity Deal, And It’s Bad News For POTUS


CNN Legal Analyst Renato Mariotti took Twitter on a deep dive Friday in order to explain how President Trump could enter a new world of legal trouble if Allen Weisselberg flips on him too.

Political observers were shaken up on Friday over the news that the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer (CFO) was granted immunity as he testifies before a grand jury about the campaign finance violations and tax and bank fraud committed by former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen. Cohen’s campaign violations are especially of note since he implicated Trump as being directly involved with this, and David Pecker, a former Trump friend who was also involved in the hush money schemes, is backing up Cohen’s account with federal prosecutors.

To this point, Mariotti got online and asked the question of the day:

As he launched into his thread, Mariotti started by noting that Weisselberg must’ve had some degree of legal exposure if he was offered immunity at all. This also gave prosecutors a chance to make their case against other Trump Organization figures stronger when the trail might’ve ended at Weisselberg’s feet otherwise.

Based on this Wall Street Journal section Mariotti highlighted, it’s very likely Weisselberg had to tell Trump how the money was being spent and got sent out.

From there, it’s an open question of who will benefit the most from Weisselberg’s testimony.

And the Twitter thread got picked up by none other than George Conway:

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