CNN’s Acosta Mocked for Saying No National Emergency In Front of Steel Slats: ‘That’s Because There’s a Wall, Jim’


Jim Acosta is drawing ridicule after posting what might be a counterintuitive video of himself on the U.S. southern border Thursday.

The CNN White House correspondent is in Texas to cover President Donald Trump‘s trip down south amid the government shutdown and the battle over funding for a border wall. As it were, Acosta found some steel slats of the kind Trump’s been promoting lately on the outskirts of McAllen, and he remarked that it doesn’t look like the town has succumbed to the “national emergency” the White House has been talking about recently.

Here’s some of the other posts Acosta has made, saying local residents aren’t feeling particularly threatened:

While Acosta is obviously suggesting that the country’s illegal immigration “crisis” has been overblown by Trump, people are taking note of the fact that he shot his video in a town protected by a barricade. Even if its not exactly a wall per se like Trump has been calling for for most of his political life, political observers are taking cracks at Acosta, saying the slats probably have something to do with the fact that McAllen isn’t overrun by criminal aliens.

Of course, some people came to Acosta’s defense by remarking on the bigger point he was trying to make:

UPDATE: 2:10 p.m. ET: Acosta is responding to critics.

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