CNN’s The Lead Staff Sends Care Packages to ICU Nurses in Afghanistan


Jake Tapper‘s dedication to helping veterans has already been noted on this site, but today it was revealed that his entire staff on The Lead gets involved with supporting the troops overseas.

Here’s a tweet from Tapper’s account:

He and his staff at CNN are sending gifts and treats to ICU nurses in Afghanistan through Homefront Hugs. The organization’s website reads as very sincere and greets visitors with this:

Welcome to Homefront Hugs USA, a somewhat corny but loving name for an all volunteer organization with a heart and passion for inclusion and peace, weary of the useless reasons for division, ready for us all to find our common humanity, and a passion to give unconditional support to our brave troops, their courageous families and our amazing veterans.

They maintain an active Twitter account, too, and used it to thank Tapper and his staff for their contributions:

They followed that up with this call for donations, which will help send the CNN packages and more:

Once they get the amount needed for postage, the Cheetos, magazines, and colored pencils donated by Tapper’s staff will be on their way to Afghanistan!

[image via screengrab]

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