CNN’s Van Jones Sat Down with Family of Trump Supporters, Asked If We’re Close to Civil War


If you’ve watched Van Jones on CNN this year, you know that he’s no fan of Donald Trump. But in the spirit of coming together, he recently sat down with a family of Trump supporters to try and bridge some divides, but also to ask if the country is honestly on the precipice of civil war (or, at least, what civil war would look like in modern America).

The video Jones posted to his Facebook page today is the first installment of a 3-part miniseries following his conversations with Trump supporters in Gettysburg after Trump spoke there.

In the video out today, Jones asked if another civil war is coming. One of the men told Jones it depends on how the election turns out, expressing concerns about how there will be no “turning back” if Hillary Clinton wins.

As the family expressed their distaste of Clinton––one said “her principles are communistic ideals”––Jones asked them how they could be fine with Trump after what he said in that bus in the Access Hollywood video. They said that they just believe Clinton is worse and is clearly “above the law.”

Jones offered that just because Clinton has “poop on her shoe,” it doesn’t mean they should “go down the aisle” with Trump.

He did give them a chance to respond to the typical line that Trump supporters are racists and xenophobes who like it when he insults minorities. One woman took offense and said it’s not fair that people like her are put out to be “evil individuals.”

Jones made it clear he doesn’t like how people’s personal choices in this election have made people into enemies. And one way to combat that, he said, is by having more conversations like these.

You can watch the segment above. The next two installments will be posted to Jones’ Facebook page on Saturday and Sunday.

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