Comedian Jim Norton Defends Baldwin, Slams MSNBC Hypocrites and ‘A**hole’ Sharpton

Comedian Jim Norton sat down on HuffPost Live yesterday and became one of the rare people publicly defending Alec Baldwin after his homophobic insults directed at a paparazzo got him suspended and possibly fired altogether from MSNBC. Norton took no issue with what Baldwin said, and called out MSNBC for hypocrisy, suspending Baldwin when they have no problem with “complete asshole” Al Sharpton working there.

Norton defended Baldwin’s outrage, saying that God forbid a celebrity “say something rude to the vulture paparazzi.” He said the culture of celebrity obsession is the real problem here, and added, “If you’re gonna punish him and yank his show, what about Al Sharpton? No one has said things worse publicly than Al Sharpton.”

Norton cited Sharpton’s past reference to “white interlopers” and “Greek homos,” finding it unbelievable that MSNBC would invite him on their lineup after years of using language like that.

“The guy’s been an absolute pig for many, many years and he gets away with it ‘cause everyone’s afraid just to tell him exactly what a complete asshole he really is. So MSNBC hires this jackass, and then they’re gonna hold somebody else to language standards while he’s out having said the things he said?”

Watch the video below, via HuffPost Live:

[photo via screengrab]

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