Conservative Blogger Posts Alleged Name of Rape Victim from Rolling Stone Story

Oh good, Chuck Johnson is on the case.

Johnson, the flamethrowing conservative blogger who’s spent the past six months crash landing into national news stories, published what he believes is the name of “Jackie,” the victim from the Rolling Stone UVA rape story. (Mediaite is not linking to his post.)

Jackie’s accounting of a gang rape by a UVA fraternity has come under increasing scrutiny, leading the magazine to retract it. On Sunday Johnson threatened to reveal more details about “Jackie” unless she admitted she fabricated the story:

If Johnson sounds knowledgable about fabrications, that may be because they seem to follow him around. Johnson was first heard from when he participated in a Daily Caller story about Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Dominican prostitutes that was later revealed to be a hoax. He was then accused by the state of Mississippi of paying witnesses to concoct stories of vote-buying in the MS GOP primary race. He then falsely claimed that slain teenager Michael Brown had a juvenile arrest record (followed by a post of Brown’s Instagram photos, which he claimed proved Brown’s “violent streak”). He was suspended from Twitter twice for publishing the addresses of the two Dallas nurses who contracted ebola, and then falsely accused nurse Kaci Hickox of hiding a supposedly nefarious connection to the CDC.

For more on the toxic logic beneath this sludge, see Adam Weinstein.

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