Conservative Twitter Angry over How NYT Covered Chris Kyle Compared to Bruce Jenner


A few conservative sites yesterday took great umbrage at The New York Times for one op-ed calling Chris Kyle “insane” while another called Bruce Jenner a “role model.”

And before you ask, yes, the two op-eds had different writers.

Weasel Zippers, Young Cons, TruthRevolt, and even Fox Nation all objected to the difference in characterization of Kyle and Jenner.

Last week, Gail Collins wrote about American Sniper and one scene in particular that stuck with her (minor spoilers for the movie ahead):

There’s been less conversation about the final scene in the movie, which shows the hero walking through his family home, where the kids are romping. He’s carrying a handgun, which he points at his wife Taya, playfully telling her to “drop them drawers.” Taya says she can see he’s finally getting over his war traumas and back to his old fun-loving self.

This is, by virtually any standard, insane behavior.

The main thrust of Collins’ piece is about guns and what American Sniper has to say on the subject. She doesn’t dwell too much on the “insane” behavior of Kyle.

Fast-forward to this week, with Nicholas Kristof out with a piece celebrating the courage of Bruce Jenner (in the news this week over reports he will come out publicly as a transgender woman):

[N]ews reports say Jenner is planning to chronicle the transition in a program for E! television channel and in an interview with Diane Sawyer for ABC News. All this, and comments by family members, suggest that Jenner is willing to be a role model and help educate the world on transgender issues.

It’s that line about Jenner being a “role model” that has the aforementioned conservative sites up in arms, and even some Twitterers too:

Does that seem like a fair criticism?

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