Bruce Jenner

Author Claims Caitlyn Jenner Regretting Sex Change, May Transition Back to a Man (UPDATED)

Husband of 9/11 Hero Returns Glamour Award After Caitlyn Jenner Named ‘Woman of the Year’

Twitter Rails Against Norm Macdonald’s Joke About ‘Bruce and Caitlyn’ Jenner Co-Hosting Oscars

Anti-Kardashian TV Anchor: ‘My Issue Isn’t with the Kardashians’

Family Guy Has Known Caitlyn Jenner Is a Woman Since 2009

Caitlyn and Kris Jenner Are Duking It Out in Print

Vanity Fair Debuts First Photos and Video of Caitlyn Jenner, Formerly Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner Will Reportedly Pose for Vanity Fair as a Woman

Kris Jenner Reacts to Bruce’s Transition in Kardashians Preview

Santorum Clarifies Jenner Comments Did Not Indicate a Policy Change

Santorum on Bruce Jenner: ‘If He Says He’s Woman, Then He’s a Woman’

Must-See Late Night Clip: Kim Kardashian Tells Kimmel How Bruce Jenner Is Doing

Actress Alice Eve Apologizes for Bruce Jenner Comments: ‘Playing at Being a Woman’

Late Night Hosts Joke About Bruce Jenner’s Transition… to a Republican

What ABC Left Out of the Bruce Jenner Special

WATCH: Perez Hilton Defends Twitter Accusations Against Kris Jenner

The Bruce Jenner Republican Moment

Kim Kardashian on Bruce Jenner’s Transition: ‘We Work out Everything as a Family’

Restaurant Under Fire for ‘Bruce Jenner 2.0’ Hot Dog

Transgender Reporter: Bruce Jenner’s ‘Still Trying to Cling Onto That Maleness’

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