Chris Kyle

The Latest Person to Ink a Contributing Deal at Fox News is Chris Kyle’s Widow

Conservatives Are Angry Because Bradley Cooper is Not Chris Kyle

Congressman Compares Trump U Judge to Hypothetical Iraqi Judge Ruling

Perry Blasts Report on Chris Kyle’s Exaggeration: The Intercept Is Just ‘A Click-Hungry Website’

New Report Claims That American Sniper Chris Kyle Embellished Own Military Award Record

American Sniper Widow Tells Obama ‘We Can’t Outlaw Murder’

Chris Kyle’s Widow on Garland Attack: ‘That’s the Way It Is in a Lot of the World’

American Sniper Jurors to GMA: Eddie Routh Clearly Wasn’t Insane

Chris Kyle’s Killer Eddie Routh Found Guilty in American Sniper Trial

WATCH: American Sniper Trial (Verdict: Guilty)

Prosecutors Claim Chris Kyle’s Killer Was Influenced by Seinfeld

Eddie Routh Says He Knew Killing Chris Kyle Was ‘Wrong’ in Taped Confession

‘This Dude Is Straight Up Nuts’: Lawyer Reveals Chris Kyle’s Text About Killer

Conservative Twitter Angry over How NYT Covered Chris Kyle Compared to Bruce Jenner

Jesse Ventura on People Calling Chris Kyle a Hero: ‘The Nazis Have Heroes’ Too

Chris Kyle’s Brother Fires Back at Michael Moore for ‘Coward’ Remark

NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin: Chris Kyle’s ‘Racist Tendencies’ May Have Caused His ‘Killing Sprees’

Jesse Ventura: American Sniper’s Chris Kyle Is a ‘Liar,’ Not a ‘Hero’

Howard Dean Calls American Sniper Audience ‘Very Angry Men’ — Empirical Data Proves Otherwise

Maher, Panel Clash over American Sniper: Just About ‘Psychopath Patriot’

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