Conspiracy Theorists Genuinely Believe that Katy Perry is JonBenet Ramsey and They Have ‘Proof’


I was poking around the Internet today and I saw that Katy Perry was trending on Facebook. I Googled it, assuming it had something to do with her endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Incredibly, it’s something that comes from even farther out in left field than that did.

There are conspiracy theorists out there who have invested hours of their lives into research and video editing that they believe proves that JonBenét Ramsey has been alive this whole time and grew up to become the international singing sensation, principled political stumper, and enemy of Taylor Swift.

This video, which is from last September, appears to be the most in-depth. It creepily begins with a tight shot on Perry singing “I’m wide awake” from her video for “Wide Awake” and overlaid images of Ramsey’s face flickering in. The lyrics and setting in that video are apparently about how Perry was totally the former child beauty queen.

You should really take 15 minutes and watch this because the dedication of YouTube user VK 33 — whose only other video is an 11-minute epic called “SHAKIRA + CHRISTINA AGUILERA = SAME PERSON” — is evident. His monotone narration and repetitive music selection add a whole new level to his sincere assertion, as does his statement that, “The Illuminati always puts out clues hidden in plain sight.”

This intrepid video journalist truly put a lot of effort into uncovering the Masonic scheme to “sacrifice” the name of Ramsey in order to turn Perry into a global superstar, mining Perry’s Twitter account and even reading her book. If you think it’s in poor taste or a little too macabre, just remember that this isn’t even the first time Ramsey has been used as a punchline or gotcha. At least the creator of this content sounds moderately reverent.

More power to VK 33, but let’s take a poll: Will Perry address the Ramsey rumors before Ted Cruz‘s campaign gets around to addressing the Zodiac Killer thing?

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