Could This Be The Greatest Headline Ever?

Headline writing truly is an art. It requires great skill to concoct the perfect combination of words that grab attention and accurately reflect the story, all without being too wordy. It seems really devious, but particular words in a particular arrangement actually do alter how likely it is that some people will read a given article.

Well, folks, Myrtle Beach’s Sun News just threw all the rules out the window. I’d like to nominate the following headline for “Greatest Headline Ever.” Okay, perhaps that’s hyperbolic — let’s just go with “Greatest Headline of this Particularly Slow News Day.”

“Elvis impersonator charged with assault following dispute over board game rules at birthday party.”

So much going on here! And you don’t even need to read the article, because it’s all right there…in the headline.

Fellow writers, take note: the headline game just got upped.

UPDATE: It looks like Sun News has changed the headline…to something even more bizarre! It now reads: “Elvis impersonator charged with assault over board game, leaves with Blues Brothers.” What?!

(H/T Radley Balko)

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