Critic: On Al Jazeera’s Website, It’s Like Lara Logan Attack Never Happened

Since the uprising in Egypt, most who’ve followed the story have said Al Jazeera–on air and online–has had stellar coverage, with the news network showing off its tremendous resources in covering the Middle East. U.S. viewers don’t get AJ on cable, but don’t bother going to the Al Jazeera website in search of news about the brutal attack on CBS News correspondent Lara Logan. You won’t find it mentioned. Not one story. To Al Jazeera, it seems, the attack on Logan never happened.

Catherine Forsythe points out the absence of coverage of the Logan attack:

The Al Jazeera approach to the Lara Logan incident is nothing. There is not any mention of the horrid incident involving Ms Logan. On the main page of the English speaking site of Al Jazeera, there is a search function for its web pages. Entering “Lara Logan” [without quote marks] in the search function yields one (1) result. The result is a February 2007 news story which mentions Ms Logan.

Forsythe attempted varying spellings of Logan’s name and still had no results. When we tried the same experiment, we also got no mention of the story on the AJE website. As Forsythe concludes:

What does this say about a news service that touts itself as “honest, courageous and distinctive”? Perhaps Al Jazeera should add a qualifier to that description. That qualifier may be “when politically expedient”.

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