Curt Schilling: Kaepernick’s ‘Ass Would’ve Stood Up’ if he Were Near Marine Amputee During Anthem

curt-schillingEx-major league pitcher and outspoken conservative Curt Schilling came out strongly against Colin Kaepernick‘s National Anthem protest.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, the former Boston Red Sox ace questioned whether Kaepernick would’ve gone through with the protest had injured military personnel been nearby.

“I guarantee you if Colin Kaepernick was standing next to a marine who had no legs and had served in Afghanistan during that National Anthem, his ass would’ve stood up,” Schilling said.

The former pitcher, who reportedly has his eyes on Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) Senate seat and perhaps even the White House, was asked if he would’ve had a conversation with Kaepernick if he was his teammate.

“I would imagine it would’ve ended up being more than a conversation,” Schilling said.

Watch the full video above, via TMZ Sports.

[image via Sirius/XM]

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