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David Axelrod: Media Focuses On Health Care ‘Sideshow,’ Not Enough Substance

It was a hectic briefing room today following the passage of the historic health care reform bill. After Robert Gibbs gave a packed briefing, Obama Administration Senior Adviser David Axelrod did a round of interviews to each of the television television networks, in which he spoke about the President’s reaction to the bill’s passage, and Republican threats to repeal it.

After that, Axelrod took a minute to talk to the mere mortals, and I asked him what the media’s health care coverage had taught the White House. This is the unedited video, which starts with Axelrod wrapping up a live shot with CNN’s Ed Henry, then taking questions from Politico’s Kendra Marr, another reporter, and then me.

At the very end of the clip you will hear Axelrod make a comment which is sure to connect on a bipartisan level. When asked how his NCAA bracket looks, he claims that its “shot to shit.” Truer words may have never been said in the history of the White House press room.

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