Democratic Rep Rails Against Trump So Hard That CNN Anchor Can’t Get a Word in

Tonight on CNN, Barbara Lee, a representative from California, explained to Poppy Harlow that she won’t be attending Donald Trump‘s inauguration because she “can’t celebrate … what has taken place in terms of this president’s overall agenda and the divisiveness and his bigoted approach to governance.”

She revealed that Trump’s attacks on a Gold Star family, “denigration of women,” and determination to build a Mexican border wall are just some of the things that made her decide not to attend the event.

She kept listing reasons, too, She listed and listed, condemning Trump’s seemingly preferred methods of governance and his attack on her colleague John Lewis, causing Harlow to give a few stuttering attempts at follow-up questions that fell short.

Harlow endeavored to get Lee to give a concise soundbite regarding whether she agrees with Lewis’ assertion that Trump is not a “legitimate” president because of possible Russian interference in the election, but Lee continued to barrel through Harlow’s line of questioning. It continued like that. You really just need to watch.

Let this be a lesson that in-person interviews are always easier to control than ones that take place over the phone.

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