Ron DeSantis Ripped on Twitter Over ‘Monkey This Up’ Remark About Andrew Gillum: ‘Barely-Veiled Racism’


Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis is taking fire after making a questionable remark on Fox News about his Democratic competition, Andrew Gillum.

During an interview where he was asked about his strategy to counter his rival in the upcoming race, DeSantis warned that Floridians can’t “monkey this up” by allowing Gillum — an African American — to win the governorship.

Shortly after, a spokesperson for DeSantis gave a statement to NBC insisting that the aspiring governor’s remarks weren’t a reference to Gillum’s race.

DeSantis made his remarks with regard to Gillum’s progressive policies, but the defense that his comments were simply an odious choice of words did not hold up well on Twitter, where he was pilloried for what many saw as a racially-charged dog whistle.

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