Did The Onion Really Predict Trump’s Disinfectant Coronavirus Cure Weeks Ago? Some Experts Say Yes


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“Not The Onion” has become the ubiquitous phrase to indicate something completely absurd that actually did happen, but President Donald Trump has existentially threatened that phrase this week with his riff on curing the coronavirus by ingesting or injecting disinfectants.

In fact, after Trump’s rant, and after the producer of Lysol had to put out a statement telling customers not to follow Trump’s suggestion, several folks actually employed the phrase on social media, obviously unaware that in this case, these things happened and they were also, in fact, The Onion.

The satirical publication actually predicted Trump’s rant to the letter, and to make things even spookier, did so almost exactly a month to the day before it actually happened. On March 25, they tweeted an article entitled “Man Just Buying One Of Every Cleaning Product In Case Trump Announces It’s Coronavirus.”

The article detailed a (fictional?) Wyoming man’s quest to cover his bases

Throwing bottles of bleach, ammonia, and Drano into a cart at his local grocery store, area man Troy Mitchell was reportedly stocking up on one of every cleaning product he could find Wednesday in case President Donald Trump announces it is a coronavirus cure. “I got toilet bowl cleaner, carpet cleaner, Swiffer WetJet refills—you name it—just so me and my family will be ready if the president announces one of these things can treat Chinese virus,” said Mitchell, indiscriminately throwing containers of laundry detergent, Scrubbing Bubbles, grout whitener, steel wool, Febreze, Tilex mold and mildew remover, and laptop screen wipes into the cart, the contents of which rang up to $2,513.67 at checkout.

So if you live in Wyoming and know anyone named Troy Mitchell, maybe it’s time to do a wellness check.

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