Doggone It: Congressional Campaign Ad Involves Strippers, Too Many Dog Puns

Republican congressional nominee John Featherman is fighting against rival candidate Rep. Bob Brady with a new ad titled “My Dog, Bob Brady.” In it, the Democratic congressman is compared to, you guessed it, a dog. A Yorkshire terrier, to be precise. Adorbs! As one woman explains to a young foreign exchange student (?), voters love Brady because “he’s their dawg, yo.”

The ad goes on to use the term “hot dog around,” which appears to describe the act of smoking cigars whilst in the company of various scantily-clad women.

“Bob Brady’s been a big dog in government for a long time and his party’s lapdance-loving lapdogs are having a doggone good time wasting taxpayer dollars,” says the woman, obviously a fan of puns.

Have a look, then [dog pun] with a [dog pun] and stick it in a [dog pun]. Haha, [StripperDance.gif].

h/t NY Observer, Featherman4congress

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